Why You Need Fat!

April 22, 2019
So many people look at labels and turn away food because it is high in fat.  Well, guess what, we need healthy fats in our diet as fat is an essential nutrient and one of the primary sources of energy for the body. Fat plays a role in supporting immunity, insulating int...
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Why We Need Fat In Our Diet

October 19, 2017
What are fats? Well, they are an essential nutrient that provides a lot of energy to the body. They have several roles including: absorbing nutrients, regulating body temperature, hormonal balance, supporting immune function, weight management and maintaining healthy skin an...
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Last month I discussed why it’s important to include natural fats in your diet, the many benefits and the harm that a low fat diet can cause.  This month I’m going to talk to you about what healthy fats are, what they do for you and why it’s important to consume t...
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