Food for Life Testimonials

The following testimonials were received from past clients, and sent to Food for Life to share and inspire others to take that first step in taking control of their health. I hope you’re inspired!

I was searching for years of answers to get a greater understanding of how my body's digestion and hormones worked and what my body was sensitive too. Heather took such care at going over all of the subtle clues, and gaining information to get me those answers. We worked together on eating food that worked for me and I had a successful reset to my system. I am now healthier, happier and living without discomfort. Thank you so much.

-Bridget, Napier

I saw Heather as a 17yr old athlete looking for nutrition advice regarding pre and post intensive training and an irritable gut following eating gluten.  

I found Heather incredibly knowledgable and very easy to talk to. She listened and gave me great advice that I understood.

Thank you so much for your help Heather. You have gone the extra mile for me regarding follow up too. I would highly recommend you to others for nutritional help and advice.

- Grace Petersen

Heather is a transformative pro! Thank you for all your support to get my life back on track from the inside out with the power of kai/ food! I would highly recommend Heather if you have any issues with psychological or physical ailments. I had gut issues and was always foggy and prone to anxiety. After an 8 week gut cleanse due to an overgrowth of Candida I am clearer & positive in my thoughts, wake up happy and 14 kgs lighter!!! My anxiety has lessened considerably too.

- Diana, Napier

Life changing! Heather has helped transform my life by educating me on what I should be eating. I started off with a health warrant of fitness and did a food allergy test. Having data has helped informed my eating decisions and I feel amazing! I’ve been recovering from brain trauma and working with her has been so easy and improved my overall health and wellbeing. I’m trying to get everyone I know to see her. Thanks so much Heather 💛

- Allly, Napier

I went to Heather not really knowing what to expect, but mostly thinking I would get a few tips on healthy eating. I received a full health check and she picked up things my doctor had not. She was excellent to deal with, extremely knowledgeable and has provided top notch follow up. I would highly recommend.
– Nikki Goodall, Havelock North

After some unpleasant allergy related episodes I consulted Heather to help find a solution. Following her advice from an allergy test and with some simple dietary changes, I’ve felt much better! 10/10, thank you!
– Martin Lampon, Napier

Heather is so lovely and approachable. She taught me so much and when I followed her guidelines I felt so much healthier and had so much more energy. As a side effect of eliminating foods I lost weight also. Wonderful, thanks Heather.
– Lynda Otter, Napier

Heather is amazing at what she does. I did a hair test with her and she guided me through the results to improve my health and quality of life. Thanks so much Heather, you’re a star!
– Mandy Otter, Napier

Heather helped me heal my gut and get back on track with eating right and exercise helping me loose weight and feel more energised. thanks Heather.
– Kerrie Bullock, Napier

I have had stomach problems for a couple of years. After one session with Heather she new exactly what the problem was and how to treat it. Heather has been fantastic to deal with and her knowledge is incredible. I would highly recommend Food for Life.
– Kay Lorimer, Napier

Heather has helped us so much with our youngest daughter. It’s not easy to explain to a six year old, that she needs to stop eating some of her favourite foods. But with Heather’s help we’ve been able to come up with different options and our little girl is feeling much better, her skin is better and she has more energy. Thanks so much Heather!!
– Ange McIntyre, Napier

My grades in school as a child and teen were low. I never thought I would excel in academics in life especially in my adulthood. Around 2014 I started to take action. Part of this action was seeking the expert guidance of Heather Barrow of how I could improve my life. I went back to undergrad school, graduated with Cum Laude honors, then went on to grad school and graduated Summa Cum laude. What you eat, how you eat is vital! I highly recommend Heather without reservation!
– Linsey Avta, Las Vegas

Heather has been awesome to meet with, she is super lovely and knowledgeable. I am feeling more sorted now than I have in a long time. I sleep at night and have energy each day, not crashing and feeling lethargic in the afternoons. I know what works for my body personally and feel so much more in control of my health. Thanks Heather!
– Alexis Simmonds, Napier

Thank you Heather for helping me figure out what was wrong and why I couldn't lose weight. I will recommend you to everyone i know.
– Krissy Robinson, Napier

Great advice to get myself back on track. Thanks Heather.
– Nina Wilding, Napier

This lady is gorgeous, and she knows her stuff, totally recommend a health check for health’s sake. Well well worth it.
– Lynda Gordon, Napier

I saw Heather about 6 weeks ago due to stomach issues, and through eliminating food from my diet and advice from Heather, my stomach is so much better. I cannot recommend her enough, she is friendly, very knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you.
– Kate Verry, Napier

Heather is a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating and healthy living. Have been myself and have taken the kids with awesome positive results. Keep it up Heather.
– Rob Hulman, Havelock North

Heather is incredibly knowledgable and very easy to talk to. She does not judge and gives sound advice and always follows up to see how you are doing. I’m going to Piloga with her and I cannot wait.  Thank you Heather.
– Cynthia Stops, Hastings

After visiting Heather I realised this is something I should have done years ago! Heather is approachable, knowledgeable and very informative without being pushy. She listens carefully, gives you advice, and then leaves it up to you to how far you want or need to take your issues. Definitely well worth a visit.
– Julie Stanger, Napier

I went to see Heather 10 days ago and have had to change my eating completely bit I feel amazing!!  This lady has done wonders for me I highly recommend!
– Jemma Bunce, Napier

What an amazing result from just one consultation with Heather. I’ve lost several kilos, am sleeping better, have more energy and have a more general feeling of well being. Heather is a genius when it comes to helping you with with the food you SHOULD be eating. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Heather to anyone who wants to turn their life around and its so simple as well.
– John Robertson, Napier

For over 5 years I had struggled with digestive issues, trying this and that but with no luck, until I had a consultation with Heather and she could pin point EXACTLY what my body was intolerant too. Her knowledge is incredible. So now I know what I can and can’t eat. It’s easy. We also did the hair testing which I highly recommend.
– Leah Greville, Havelock North

Heather is absolutely amazing and so full of knowledge! Completely tailored to my needs and has helped me understand a lot more about myself thats for sure!
– Melissa Franklin, Napier

I visited Heather for the first time just over a month ago feeling pretty awful, after some fantastic guidance and advice (and lots of listening) from Heather I am feeling amazing. She is incredibly approachable and knowledgeable she has taught me so much. Thank you Heather, I haven’t felt this good in years!
– Fiona Simcox, Napier

I’m not sure where to start but heather has helped me through what my body needs. I have changed a few small things however I am feeling so much better within myself. She is very supportive and answered any questions that I had in a way I could understand. I will recommend her to others without hesitation. Keep up the great work heather I can see this is your passion.
– Kym Paviour, Napier

I highly recommend Seeing Heather if you are serious about changing your life. She will put you on a protocol that will help you meet yours goals. She has helped me achieve my goals in wanting to change my life!
– Linsey Adams, USA

Having an itchy rash on and off for approximately 1 year it was working with Heather’s help and advice that eliminated it. Heather has a wide knowledge and listens well. Thank you so much for your help Heather. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others for nutritional help and advice.
– Christine Else, Napier

Healthy eating and living is a journey. It’s hard to change lifetime habits over night. We had already made changes when we met Heather and she is guiding us further along the way. Heather listens and gives advice that you can manage.
– Julie Eagle, Havelock North

Heather is the perfect mix of professional and personal and I found her lovely to deal with! Any health advice you may need? She should be your first stop.
– Hannah Cheetham, Napier

Great support and service from Heather. Good dietary analysis and a clear explanation of the results and impact of changes suggested, resulting in weight loss and increased energy levels. Highly recommended.
– Mike Lewis, Havelock North

Late last year I started experiencing terrible pains in my upper abdomen every time I ate and it got to the point where I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I kept seeing the doctor and having many blood tests done which were all fine and wasn’t getting answers. So I decided to see Heather about it all and I got an answer! I did the food and environmental test and the result was I am intolerant to wheat and dairy products. I am now gluten and dairy free and feel so much better! I highly recommend Heather, she is amazing and very knowledgeable. Thank you for helping me get better and back to an easier lifestyle Heather.
– Carrie Dudding, Napier

I am a professional with a stressful job. I drank far more coffee than I should and I attended a consultation not really having much idea what to expect. I had always understood that food allergies and intolerances were difficult to isolate. Having attended a consultation and establishing a level of intolerance to dairy, and that I drank too much coffee, I made changes. These have resulted in a lower level of tension, a more relaxed working environment and I have noticed the difference. I can still enjoy dairy but to a lesser extent but at least I know what was causing periodic issues. These have disappeared. I am feeling better and less stressed going into the day and I put this down to the advice I received as a result of the consultation with Heather.
– Philip Ross, Napier

Highest of praises and thanks to heather for her knowledge, guidance, and approachability. After thorough consultation Discovering my food intolerances and deficiencies for me, I embarked on a 5week cleanse. I have never felt healthier, more energised and motivated. Previous health issues disappeared, as did the sweeties in the cupboards and the extra weight I had been carrying that I thought was with me for keeps. Somewhere along this journey Im proud to say i developed a complete new view of foods and what I choose to fuel my body with, I never thought I’d see the day, I'm happy, healthy, and delighted. Thank you Heather!
– Vanessa Ellers, Napier

1 consultation down, 3 weeks into it and I feel like me again! I have more energy in all areas of life, I am sleeping better and just generally happier smile emoticon I feel HEALTHY! All it’s taken is a few minor alterations to my diet and a little motivation. I would wish this upon everybody. I look forward to the next step.Heather was very thorough, empathetic and understanding – I have no hesitations in recommending her highly. 10/10
– Ella Molloy, Napier

I went to see Heather to find out what new things I could do to help with different general health issues. Heather is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Nutrition and Heath. And she was able to check me out and give me new things to try in my diet. And things to eliminate. And to date I am not having the bowel issues I was having, and I am staying healthy. Thanks so much Heather.
– Kelly Geary, Napier

I’m a mum with a medium to high octane medically dependent child (plus two ordinary children as well), so sleep deprivation and coffee dependency were my world. Since seeing Heather I’ve lost 4 kgs, been told I look 5-8 years younger. I have more energy, less mental fog and I’m enjoying life, it’s no longer just getting thru. Highly recommend this lady. The changes don’t cost you anything either, your only going to gain from this.
– Stephanie Lee, Napier

I was having trouble just getting through each day with enough energy and rarely had time to make sure I ate well. I had been to the doctor and had blood tests done and they came back fine, I decided to see Heather as nothing else had worked up to this point. She was able to explain how what I was eating played a huge role on how my body was feeling and that I had an intolerance to gluten. Within a couple of days of changing my eating habits I already felt a good difference and within 2 weeks I was feeling amazing. I was enjoying preparing tasty nutritious meals and focus more on what I could eat rather than what I couldn’t. I highly recommend seeing Heather as she takes into account your lifestyle as well as the usual medical type things. Thank you so much for helping me become a healthy version of myself.
– Sarah Robertson, Napier

I am so pleased I saw Heather to address health issues that made daily life and routines difficult to sustain. An active lifestyle and having a business, didn’t leave room for my body to ‘give-out’, I desperately needed energy, strength and endurance.I presented with unpleasant symptoms of digestive, gut issues, along with hormonal challenges and high blood pressure – it was physically taxing, something had to be done!I was amazed at the intolerances my system had to certain foods/types. Upon eliminating the culprits, the results were surprisingly quick – health and vigour returned. Digestive and IBS symptoms markedly lessened, blood pressure decreased, better sleep, no migraines, less physical discomfort – a happy camper! Heather is a pillar of health, inspiration and support. She was understanding, encouraging and super helpful. She provided a highly informative treatment plan and “food for life” recipes and tips making the adjustments achievable to roll-out and maintain.The dietary / lifestyle tweaks and adjustments are worth it. I’m experiencing the benefits and better equipped to work with my body to maintain peak condition. Thank you Heather for making a difference!
– Allyson Ross-Collings, Napier

I would highly recommend everyone and anyone to see Heather. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she imparts in a very non invasive, non judgemental way. I went to Heather thinking I was a pretty healthy person, but i have the belief that there is always room for improvement however after changing what I eat from the hair follicle test results I feel like a new and improved human, better skin, increased energy, just feeling generally great and that extra baby weight I was carrying just started to fall off me instantly. My only suggestion would be to get the follicle test done then have your first consult once those results are in; reason being a number of foods discussed at the first consult to aid my health actually came back that I had chronic sensitivities too which I had no idea about. Thanks Heather for imparting your wealth of knowledge.
– Victoria Campbell, Napier