Heather Barrow ~ Food for Life

Registered Holistic Clinical Nutritionist

After obtaining my BSc in Sociology and Anthropology in the States, I moved to Napier, New Zealand in 2009 and started my own fitness business teaching zumba, yoga and pilates.   I was then inspired to pursue my passion for health and fitness even further, and studied Anatomy, Physiology and Nutritional Science at the Naturopathic College of New Zealand for two and a half years.  I was amazed at the insights I gained in the science of the human body, and astonished at how well it works for us when we give it the right ‘recipe’ tailored to the individual!

I have always been active in health and fitness.  I played sports from the time I was little, joined the varsity track team in high school and college and have always been a “gym rat”.  My passion for nutritious food started when I was very young, having been raised by a very health conscious father.  I subscribed to, and read every health magazine I could get my hands on, as well as reading up on nutrition through many popular books.  It wasn’t until I actually started my career in fitness that I had that “aha” moment when I realised that food, and how it impacts the body, have truly been my passion throughout my life!

As a result of all my study alongside my huge passion for health and wellness, I am determined to support and motivate individuals to make dietary and lifestyle changes, enabling them to live an improved quality of life, and to work towards their personal goals.  I believe discovering the right foods for the  individual has the power to transform lives.   I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your ‘health journey’ to live the life you deserve!  I am able  to accommodate home visits for those not able to attend one of my clinics, so why not get in touch if this is you!