Top Anti Aging Supplements

Who wants to age?  None of us enjoy seeing new wrinkles or sagging skin and the answer to the fountain of youth is still unknown.  I know I myself have been tempted by the claims of potions, serums and anti-ageing supplements.  You question whether it’s worth it and how good they are for you anyway?

Well, being a nutritionist I believe that we are what we eat.  Did you know the skin cells renew themselves every 27 days approximately?  As your skin is your largest organ and the main protection against environmental pollutants it’s important it stays in good shape.

Now of course diet is extremely important. The most obvious things we should watch out for are: sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, vegetables oils, fried foods, processed meats and pretty much packaged and processed foods. A whole food nutrient dense diet is imperative.  In this blog I specifically want to discuss vitamins that help with wrinkles and make you look younger. I write this with personal experience and testimony and use all these supplements myself.

Think of these supplements as holistic anti-agers.  The benefits of them extend beyond the surface of the skin and go well within the intricate parts of the human body.  Some potential benefits internally can be: reduced joint pain, stronger bones, decreased muscle loss, increased energy levels, optimized exercise performance, increased skin elasticity/smoother skin and improved immune function.  Ready to know what they are?

My number one supplement for anti-ageing would be collagen.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is found in muscles, tendons, bones and skin.  It is what holds the body together to provide strength and structure. We lose it as we age and it is essential to maintaining good overall health and preserving youth and slow down the signs of ageing skin.  I have read over and over again and heard personal testimony how collagen has helped increase skin elasticity and improve skin moisture, (very beneficial if you’re in peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause).  My uncle in fact testifies to it helping with joint pain as he likes to speed walk daily.  Others have claimed it has helped their arthritis when caused by wear and tear on the joints, (osteo).  So, how do you take it? While I take it in a powder in my smoothies, or you can just add it to some juice or water.   I like 'Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate." There are also capsules out there you can buy if you don't think you'll get a smoothie in daily. 

This leads me to my second top supplement, which is bone broth. Bone broth is pretty much stock using organic (preferable), bones and simmering them over a 24 hour period to release the collagen and other minerals.  As it’s a rich source of collagen, no wonder it’s great for anti-ageing!  Bone broth is also good to help heal and seal the gut lining, reducing inflammation in the body and helping to minimize joint pain. It’s one that I always recommend to clients suffering with gut issues as part of the healing regimine.  Don’t want to mess about with boiling bones?  Conveniently bone broth now comes in a powder. You can find this at many local health shops and take 1 teaspoon and add hot water.  You can also use it in soups and stews.

My third top pick is Vitamin C.  Not only is it a powerful antioxidant and immune booster, (great as you age and your immunity slows down) but it is necessary for the production of collagen within the body. I prefer a liposomal Vitamin C to help with absorption. This can be found in most health shops, and we sell it right where I work out of – Gee’s pharmacy in Taradale.

My other Vitamin picks are Vitamin A and E. Vitamin A and E are important fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to help fight free radicals, (it pretty much helps protect the 37 trillion cells in the body from damage). Vitamin A is not only great for skin, but also for eye health, skin and hair health due to it’s ability to aid in the production of oil to help keep the hair and skin well moisturized, (yes, dryness can contribute to ageing – if you live in the desert you want to be supplementing)! Lol  You may have heard of the word retinol, which is Vitamin A and often found in topical anti-ageing creams to decrease wrinkles and fine lines as well as boosting collagen for a nice healthy glow.

How about essential fatty acids to fight ageing?  These are ‘essential’ in that you must get them from diet. If you don’t like fish you should definitely be supplementing in the form of fish oil, (not all are created equal so it’s worth spending some more for a high quality one) or krill oil.  The EPA and DHA in these fats are powerful anti-inflammatories and can protect from the signs of ageing. The oils are great for smooth glowing skin, not to mention it’s great for the brain and memory and concentration.

My final recommendation is Coenzyme Q10.  Think of CoQ10 as the powerhouse or engine for your cells and we all want healthy functioning cells, right? You see CoQ10 is the primary antioxidant the human cell provides to protect and support mitochondria. Mitochondria are the motors for your cells and where energy production comes from.  CoQ10 is vital so that the cells are energized and you have healthy tissues.  As we age, our bodies don’t produce as much CoQ10.  I’ve used CoQ10 for many years now daily as I also teach fitness classes and it helps fight fatigue and maintain steady energy levels – I mean it does power-up the cells right?

So, there you have it. My top picks for anti-ageing – collagen, bone broth, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, essential fats (EPA and DHA) and CoQ10.  These won’t make up for an unhealthy diet, so of course as I’ve mentioned already consuming FANI (food as nature intended) is vital to provide nourishment to the cells and tissues and therefore maintain overall health.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of these - happy to chat. :-)