Do You Have Candida?

Lately, I have seen quite a few people who have had Candida.  There are many symptoms that reveal a Candida problem including: a white coating on the tongue, a strong craving for sugar, bad breath, brain fog, joint pain, hormonal imbalances, gas, bloating, chronic sickness and UTIs to name a few. 

So, what is Candida? Candida Albicans is a common type of yeast infection found in the mouth, vagina and intestinal tract. Candida naturally occurs in our bodies, but when it gets out of balance and grows is when it can become a problem. Candida is important to aid with digestion and nutrient absorption, to ensure we get all the good nutrients from our food. However, when it overproduces because of too much stress, poor diet, too much sugar and more, it breaks down the walls of intestinal lining and penetrates into the bloodstream. It literally drills holes into the gut wall which allows toxins into the body, also referred to today as “leaky gut”. 

Balancing the pH of the body by eating alkalising foods is important to help restore the  natural balance back to the body.  Alkalising foods include greens, vegetables,  nuts, seeds, lemon, lime and water! Restoring the healthy bacteria in the gut is also very important by avoiding sugars, (even natural sugars); consuming prebiotic foods which encourage gut bacteria such as: garlic, onion and leeks; and putting good bacteria back in through a good probiotic supplement.

So, what causes Candida besides too much sugar and a poor diet? Well, being on antibiotics long-term certainly does! Antibiotics have their place to fight stubborn infections, but when they are overused they don’t just kill the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria that helps with digestion and keeps Candida under control.  The birth control pill long-term can as well because of the impact on the hormones and gut wall.

What can be done to rid the body of Candida? I like to think of the program as: WEED, SEED, FEED. Weed out the foods that are feeding the Candida, which means all sugars including fruit!  Also, removing wheat, yeast, alcohol and all milk products as the milk sugars can contribute to an over growth. Use anti fungal foods to kill the Candida such as: coconut oil, garlic, onions, apple cider vinegar, lemon and lime juice, cinnamon, cloves, olive leaf extract, oregano oil and turmeric.  

If the Candida is chronic, (meaning you’ve had it for some time) a stronger anti fungal supplement is usually required to kill off the Candida overgrowth. In this case, a solid six week protocol is required.  At the same time we want to heal the gut and restore the gut wall with a variety of vitamins, broths, etc.  After all the weeding and seeding is done we feed the good bacteria and replenish it with a good probiotic supplement. (Note that you may feel worse before you feel better as Candida die-off usually occurs).

A good way to start a Candida cleanse is with easily digestible foods such as vegetable soup, which includes onions, garlic, celery and kale. Drink lots of water and avoid high starch vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, kumera, corn, potatoes, pumpkin and peas.  Vegetables you want to include are: lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, mushroom, capsicum, onions and tomatoes.  As with any food, it’s important to monitor how you feel after eating a meal when you have Candida.

So, to recap: low to no sugars, alcohol, grains and starches. Lots of liquids, broth soups, steamed vegetables and raw salads.  Introduce the anti fungal foods to kill it, heal the gut with what I listed above, and replenish the good gut bacteria. Candida can be eliminated for good!

If you have some of the symptoms listed above and want to discover if you have an acute or chronic case of Candida and to what degree, then get in touch with me now for a simple test to confirm so we can get you on the road to feeling better!