Food for Life Services

If you have Southern Cross health insurance your consultation could be covered. Please ask me for a receipt at time of appointment.

Southern Cross - Food for Life

Nutrition Consultation ~ 1 hr 15 mins | $150

During an initial nutrition consultation we will cover all the ten body systems looking for signs of deficiencies, lifestyle, current diet, eliminations, nail, tongue and facial examination, as well as any other clinical assessments that are needed.

Follow-Up ~ 45 min | $75

This is an excellent service that gives the client an opportunity to share their progress since the consultation, ask questions and be affirmed in their journey. We will cover the treatment plan and make changes or additions if required.

REVIVE Weight Loss Program ~ $345

This program focuses on and addresses the many areas that impact weight loss. Using specialised nutrition software, information will be gathered and monitored, and progress will be tracked as you move along your journey. We will set goals, make a plan and stick to it, and you will have support every step of the way.  This package includes a nutrition consultation and three follow-up sessions to track your progress and ensure you’re where you need and want to be.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ~$165

We can test for food intolerances, environmental irritants, heavy metals, bacteria, hormones, organ health, yeast and fungi and vitamin and mineral deficiencies using just a lock of hair. This test covers over 150 different foods to check for intolerances. Results take up to three weeks.

Meal Plan ~ $199

An individually tailored eating plan that is based on your individual health needs based on information gathered in your consultation.  It is designed to use foods as medicine to correct deficiencies and address specific issues.

Health Check ~ 30 min | $60

During a 30 minute appointment you will receive ten vital tests that are important to your health. Included are the blood tests: cholesterol, uric acid and blood glucose. Other tests included are: blood pressure, zinc, iodine, stress, tongue analysis, nail analysis and a bowel health check. You will be given nutrition information to help correct any areas necessary.

Dietary Analysis ~ $95

Using advanced nutrition software & your personal food diary, you will discover what vitamin & mineral deficiencies you may have that can impact your health, as well as foods that will help correct the deficiencies.  The thorough report also includes the breakdown of proteins, fats & carbs that can be adjusted for your specific body and metabolic type.

Health Presentations

Health awareness talks that can be tailored for the group, whether small or large. These have proven very beneficial and educational for anyone wanting to know more about nutrition, and why it is so important for health and wellness. * These are also tax deductible for companies wishing to promote staff well-being.

Supermarket Tour

An accompanied supermarket store shop to guide you through food choices that meet your needs. You will be shown what foods are acceptable for you if you have multiple intolerances, and you will learn to read labels; a proven benefit for many.